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The ApHC UK is affiliated to the ‘mother’ breed register (Appaloosa Horse Club of America) which is the founding membership body for the Appaloosas breed. Affiliated organisations have been set up around the world to support, strengthen and diversify the Appaloosa Horse Club, the UK being one of them. There are now 19 affiliated Appaloosa Horse Clubs around the world which shows the increasing interest in this outstanding breed. 


UK members who affiliate their horses with the ApHC USA are able to compete in main register (A register) classes at the annual national breed show in the UK.  It also means that breeders are able to import and export horses with main register affiliation and continue to breed main register horses. This has enabled established foundation Appaloosa bloodlines to be introduced into the UK.  Being an affiliated member also gives competitors and horses in the UK international recognition and with the introduction of heritage classes at the National Show, members can promote and keep the colourful history of the breed alive.


Members are the lifeblood of the Appaloosa Horse Club. Joining the ApHC allows Appaloosa enthusiasts to be a part of a tradition of excellence.

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