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Stallions at Stud

LICENSED STALLION INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                                       

Sire: Wa Ha Dar
Dam: Desert Sands
Height: 15hh
Born: 2011
Licenced and reg ApHC UK (USA Pending)
Smoky Buckskin (EE/Aa/nCr) Non characteristic
Stud fee:  £250 Keep by arrangement
Contact: Kasey Matthews - 01522 703553

Sire: Poco Jo Plaudit JR ApHC
Dam: Miss Leota Glo AQHA
1994 Former International Reining Champion
Black Blanket Spot
Stud Fee: £400
Contact Di Wilson 07733 462473

Dark bay/Brown with extended blanket
Height: 15.2hh
Born: 1998
Licenced & Registered: APHC UK, APHC USA
Sire: A Design Legend (APHC)
Dam: Mannog April Blues (APHC)
UK & USA Multi Champion Stallion - Siring Supreme Champions
Sally & Richard Chamberlain, Mannog Appaloosas
Stud Fee: £400 and mare keep £5 per day
Tel: 01745 561 486

Sire: Peyres Sully Cortez R ApHC
Dam: Capitall Grace
Height: 15hh
2009 Champion Leopard Spotted Stallion
Contact:  Hilary Bayliss 07976 263403

Sire: Wanagis Navajo ApHC
Dam: Sully Rowdyscat ApHC
Height: 15hh
2004 American Foundation Bred Stallion. Bay few spot/snow cap leopard.
Chilled semen by AI available to select mares.
Contact: Sue Feast 07778 702840

Sire: Ha Dar Tom
Dam: Pepper's Manta
1991 Black Near Leopard Foundation Bred Stallion
Stud Fee: No longer available to outside mares
Height: 15hh
Contact: Mel Prichard 07807 813270/ 01600 860719

Sire: Amazing Blue ApHC
Dam: Handys Spearmint ApHC
1999 Black blanket spotted Stallion.
Height: 15.2hh
Natural cover or Fresh, Chilled & Frozen Semen available by arrangement.
Contact: Gemma Robinson 07890 84768

Sire: Wa Ha Dar ApHC
Dam: Mels Bright Eyes Bambi ApHC
2006 Foundation Bred Champion Stallion
Contact: Penny Connah:

16.2hh Appaloosa Stallion
Imported to the UK in 2012
Homozygous for Black and LP
100% Foundation Pedigree Designated (FPD) and 82.0312% Foundation Appaloosa Horse Register (FAHR)
Free from PSSM and Grey Gene
Frozen Semen Available & Youngstock for Sale
Contact: Karen Paton
Tel: 07979 963157

Appaloosa Sports Horse Stallion
2001 16.2hh
Tri-coloured Leopard
Licensed ApHC UK & BApS
Regd. ApHC
PSSM n/n
Stud Fee 2013 £450
Natural/Frozen semen
Contact: BOB GALE
01223 237023 (Cambridge)

Licensed and Registered: APHC UK, APHC USA, BApS
Foundation Bred @ 97% FPD
Sire - Kiss My Finest Heart
Dam - Peyres Catori Cat
Expected Height - 15.1hh
Bay (Ee Aa), Non Characteristic (lp lp)
Confirmed PATN1/patn1 for pattern gene
Grey gene and PSSM negative

A handsome compact, well balanced horse with a substantial performance record.
Select mares only.

Contact: Paula Cooper 
07710 555357

2011  15.2hh  Black Leopard  PSSM n/n
by National Breed Show Supreme Champion -
Ammanvalley Wa Ha Star
Contact: Chris Richardson

Stallion Licences

ApHC UK Stallion owners must obtain a stallion licence from the ApHC UK if they wish to register the stallion’s offspring.  The stallion must pass a five stage vetting with an independent vet (not your own vet).  Once the veterinary report has been completed, send your Stallion Licence Form and ApHC UK Application Form for a Veterinary Certificate for a Colt/Stallion together with a current colour photo (taken side on) and a fee of £50 to the Registrar. A negative test certificate for the hereditary condition PSSM1 and a negative grey gene test must also accompany the application. (Details from  Please note that stallions must be licenced by 3 years of age if you wish to register their offspring with the ApHC UK and if you wish to show them at our ApHC UK breed shows.  You can licence stallions after this time but any coverings that take place before they are licenced will not meet our normal registration criteria.

• ApHC (American) stallions do not need to be licensed to breed to ApHC mares or A register mares.  This is because the ApHC in America does not operate a licensing system.  However if ApHC stallions based in the UK cover a B registered mare the offspring will not be eligible for the main B register unless the stallion is also licenced with the ApHC UK.   Please refer to our registration criteria for more detailed information on our registration criteria and procedures.

• If your stallion already has a licence with another breed society or organisation, this may be acceptable to the ApHC UK provided the stallion has undergone a five stage vetting and meets all our pedigree and registration requirements.  You will be sent a stallion licence certificate with the relevant stallion licence number.

Stallion Report Forms

All licensed stallion owners are required to complete a stallion breeding form each year giving details of the mares covered that year by 31 December.  This form is to be sent to the registrar as proof of the mares covered.  Please see below the costs:-

£10.00 Annual Filing fee (for each stallion)

£2.00 per mare (charge for each mare covered)

• Stallion report forms must be sent in to the Registrar by 31 December of each year.  Stallion report forms submitted after the 31 December will cost £50 plus an additional £2.00 per mare as a late filing fee.

• In order to register a foal on the ApHC UK Appaloosa breed registers the stallion owner must submit an annual stallion report form along with the appropriate fee otherwise the progeny from that stallion can not be registered with us.


Licenced stallions that are standing at stud in the UK are eligible to advertise in the relevant section of our on-line stallion directory on our website -  Other stallions that may be of interest to our members may also advertise in the relevant section of the stallion directory including ApHC American stallions or stallions from permitted outcrosses.  All Appaloosa breeders are welcome to advertise in our breeders guide.  The ApHC UK will provide as much information as possible to help members make informed decisions about breeding and registration.  Please contact our Registrar if you have any queries about registration or stallion licensing.


Auriol Thorne
2A Dryden Way
Hampshire            Tel: 07827 858 120
GU30 7QB             


Hereditary Conditions & Colour Testing:

Animal Genetics UK,
PO BOX 107, Truro,
Cornwall, England.
TR1 2YR.

Tel/Fax: 01872-262737.


Please note:
Every effort is made to ensure that the information and advice contained on this website is correct and appropriate.  No responsibility for loss or damage occasioned to any person acting on or as a result of anything included in or omitted from any articles appearing on this site can be or is accepted by the directors or any other persons connected with the ApHC UK Ltd.  Nor can the webmaster, the directors of the ApHC UK Ltd be held responsible for the opinions in any article contributed to or advertisements appearing on this website.

Advertisments of any kind displayed on this website are taken in good faith, and the ApHC UK Ltd can not accept any liability for items or horses or stallions at stud that are found to be not as described.  It is your responsibility as a prospective buyer to ascertain the correctness of such advertisements.  Not all advertised horses may be eligible for ApHC UK or USA registration, so please check ALL the details fully including details of stallions standing at stud before making any commitment to purchase or any agreement to use a stallion for breeding.   

Further, the ApHC UK does not accept responsibility for any licensed ApHC UK stallion in any respect. Mare owner’s are advised to research information (regarding those stallions they are interested in breeding to) including, but not limited to, details of any hereditary diseases such as HERDA, HYPP and PSSM which can affect any breed or type of horse. The ApHC UK recommends testing any horse to be used for breeding purposes for such diseases and also for any horse carrying the greying gene which has a detrimental affect in respect of appaloosa characteristics and coat patterns which can fade over a period of time if the greying gene is present. 

Breeders can request details of tests undertaken by stallions standing at stud. However if new tests are required there are suppliers in the UK who will undertake these tests at very reasonable costs. The ApHC UK recommends that mares that are to be used for breeding purposes are also tested. Details of laboratories that undertake such tests can be found on the web or can be obtained by contacting the ApHC UK Ltd at its registered office or from our website. 

Please refer to the Appaloosa Horse Club rule book for further information on genetic diseases and traits. [Link to current ApHC Handbook on the ApHC website]

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